Hymns for Saint Joseph

Pope Francis declared 2021 to be the year of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mother and foster father of Our Lord. Below are several traditional hymns and chants dedicated to Saint Joseph. About half of the songs are from the Divine Office or the Mass, and about half are devotional hymns. Te Joseph Celebrant The Liber Hymnarius attributes authorship to Hieronymus Casanate. Mode 1, Liber Usualis, 1961, p. 1447.

Printable Marian Antiphons

There are four Marian antiphons that are sung, during the Divine Office and sometimes during Mass, throughout the year. Alma Redemptoris Mater is sung from Advent to Candlemas. Ave Regina Caelorum is sung from Candlemas through Wednesday of Holy Week. Regina Caeli is sung throughout Easter. Salve Regina is sung from Trinity Sunday to the first Sunday of Advent. I made letter-sized (8.5x11) posters, one for each Marian antiphon. Included for each is a woodcut from Albrecht Durer's unfinished work Life of the Virgin.

Pairing Mass and Credo Settings

The Kyriale contains all of the chants for the Ordinary of the Mass, including Mass and Credo settings for the entire liturgical year. While there is some debate about how consistent these pairings have been throughout history, popular custom and tradition have nevertheless recommended to us several Mass and Credo pairings based on the season or feast. The chart and PDF below are intended as quick reference guides for singers or scholae chanting the Latin Mass.

Dies Irae

A walk through Fr. Nicholas Gihr's classic work

O Antiphons

A walk through the O Antiphons with Dom Gueranger