Cataloging the crisis

'You would not be heart-broken by these changes if you really understood the Church': A 1965 letter on the new Mass

Monsignor J. D. Conway ran a Q&A column in several Catholic newspapers, such as the Catholic Messenger and the National Catholic Reporter. Below is the full transcription of a letter from June 9, 1965. National Catholic Reporter, Volume 1, Number 32, 9 June 1965 Question Box Q. l am here to complain, but I am not out to win my arguments, only to air them. I am a young Catholic (28) and pride myself in being of average intelligence and fairly well informed, but just not sophisticated enough to be able to accept the changes in the Catholic form of worship.

Father Joseph Byron and Dialogue Homilies

Father Joseph Byron came to my attention because of his connection to a minor innovation, “dialogue homilies.” It is difficult to say with certainty what they were, but judging by results in the Catholic News Archive, they were an experimental feature of some liturgies practiced in 1966-1972. There is an oblique description of dialogue homilies in 1968: Nor have the dialogue homilies been the sort Msgr. Oesterreicher mentions with disdain.

Cataloging the Crisis

Exploring lesser-known people and events within modern Catholic reforms