Wedding moments in pre-twentieth century artwork

Entrance of the newlyweds, Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1859)

“The happy day,” Joaquin Sorolla (1892)

“The wedding march,” Theodore Robinson (1892)

“Civil wedding,” Albrecht Anker (1887)

“The Departure of the Newlyweds,” Jehan Georges Vibert (1873)

“The Spanish Wedding,” Marià Fortuny (c. 1870)

“Abruzzo wedding,” Pasquale Celommi (19th century)

“Before the wedding,” Bengt Nordenberg (1870)

“The newlyweds,” Silvestro Lega (1869)

“Abschied der Braut von den Eltern,” or “Farewell to the bride by the parents,” Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1863)

“Abschied der Braut” or “The Farewell of the Bride from Her Parents Home,” Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1860)

“Coming home after the wedding, the bride parting from her playmates,” Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller

“Entrance of the newlyweds,” Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1859)

“Sailor’s wedding,” Richard Caton Woodville Sr. (1852)

“Die Kranzljungfer” or “The bridesmaid,” Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1843)

“Lower austrian peasant wedding,” Ferdinand Georg Waldmuller (1843)

“Country wedding,” John Lewis Krimmel (1820)

“Penny wedding,” David Wilkie (1818)

“Noce de Village (Village Wedding),” Charles-Melchior Descourtis (1785)

“The Wedding of Stephen Beckingham and Mary Cox,” William Hogarth (c. 1729)

“Matrimony,” Giuseppe Maria Crespi (1712)

“A country wedding,” Jan Steen (1662-66)

“A village wedding,” Jan Steen (1653)

“Peasant wedding,” David Teniers the Younger (1648)

“Wedding dinner,” Jacob Gerritsz van Hasselt (1636)

“Wedding dance,” Martin van Cleve (16th century)

“The Arnolfini Wedding,” Jan van Eyck (1414)

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