Artwork of Catholic Processions

The Corpus Christi procession, Arcadi Mas i Fondevila (1887)

“The Corpus Christi procession,” Arcadi Mas i Fondevila (1887)

“A Catholic Procession,” Jehudo Epstein (1901)

“La bénédiction des blés en Artois (The Blessing of the Wheat in Artois),” Jules Breton (1857)

“Procession in The Old Catholic Church in The Hague,” Isaac Israels (1880-1881)

Details, “Corpus Christi Procession,” Cuzco School (c. 1680)

“Feast of Corpus Christi Procession, Piazza di San Marco,” Antonio Diziani (1758-63)

“Procession for the Feast of the Redeemer,” Joseph Heintz the Younger (1648-50)

“A Confraternity in Procession along the Calle Genova, Seville,” Alfred Dehodencq (1851)

“Religious procession in Kursk Province,” Ilya Repin (1883)

“Procession in Piazza san Marco,” Gentile Bellini (1496)

“Fronleichnamsprozession in Hofgastein (Corpus Christi Procession in Hofgastein),” Adolph Menzel (1880)

“Ave Maria - procession religieuse in Bretagne,” Aloysius C. O’Kelly (1909)

“The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, Reims with a procession of communicants,” Domenico Quaglio (1827)

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