Cataloging the Crisis

This project is dedicated to cataloging minor vignettes within the modern crisis of the Catholic Church.

By “modern crisis,” I mean the series of reforms and attempted reforms of the liturgy, of theology, and of customs and practices that snowballed from (roughly) the 1800s until the 1980s.

While it is alluring to make the Second Vatican Council the scapegoat for the many issues that plague us now, it is increasingly clear that the roots of what the Council rubberstamped were in place long before the Council.

It is similarly tempting to make prominent figures like Father Annibale Bugnini the focus of one’s ire or fascination. Such attention is important, but this particular series will instead look at “B-list” reformers, events, trends, and terms. Because this is primarily a research and documentary project, the aim is to provide information so that we may attempt to connect small dots in the grand picture, and gain a clearer understanding of our own history.

Because of the nature of this project - that it concerns more obscure people and topics, and that many times findings will go against prevailing narratives - this will also be an exercise in finding credible sources, to the best of my ability.