Sharon Kabel

Librarian; Nuisance


I am a Catholic librarian interested in finding high quality information, arranging it usefully, and aggressively citing my sources.

I started a Wordpress site in March of 2016, as a way to keep track of interesting quotations from books and articles that I read (material that may still be under copyright is quoted sparingly). This site has morphed into my portfolio, as I either collate the many fascinating resources I encounter, or I make them when I can't find them.

I have a MS in Library Science, and a BA in English, so I am particularly interested in research methods, and good writing.

I was voted “most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize” and “most likely to make a sarcastic comment” by classmates.

My first website name was A Wild Sostenuto, from Richard Wilbur’s poem, “For C.”

Still, there’s a certain scope in that long love
Which constant spirits are the keepers of,
And which, though taken to be tame and staid,
Is a wild sostenuto of the heart,
A passion joined to courtesy and art
Which has the quality of something made,
Like a good fiddle, like the rose’s scent,
Like a rose window or the firmament.

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