Sharon Kabel

Librarian; Nuisance


I am a Catholic librarian interested in finding high quality information, arranging it usefully, and aggressively citing my sources.

My degrees are in Library Science (MS) and Literature (BA), so I am particularly interested in research methods, editing, and writing. Contact me for a quote if you need project help in any of these areas.

My first website name was A Wild Sostenuto, from Richard Wilbur’s poem, “For C.”

Still, there’s a certain scope in that long love
Which constant spirits are the keepers of,
And which, though taken to be tame and staid,
Is a wild sostenuto of the heart,
A passion joined to courtesy and art
Which has the quality of something made,
Like a good fiddle, like the rose’s scent,
Like a rose window or the firmament.


  • Metadata
  • Catholic research
  • Fact checking


  • MS in Library Science, 2016

    Drexel University

  • BA in Literature, 2013

    Belmont Abbey College


Reference and Research

Project support, fact checks


Essays, papers, chapters, books, poetry

Wedding Programs

for Catholic weddings

Data Visualizations

bar charts, maps, timelines

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Stanley Jaki, OSB, on Extraterrestrial Life

Father Stanley L. Jaki, OSB (1924-2009) was an Hungarian Benedictine priest and one of the most decorated and well-respected scientists …


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